James Vann,
10 year old oil painter
"I was instantly addicted to art in a kindergarten class, There I was introduced to
finger painting. It was truly an eye opening experience that I will never forget
watching the bright colors blend as soon as they touched,
thus creating a prism effect all by itself, from a single drop of water".

In Junior High School, James entered a student poster contest "Keep New York City Clean" he did and won 1st Place.
His teachers encouraged him to take the art test, required to enter the High School of Art & Design, in New York City.  
There he studied Commercial Art, Illustration, & Animation.

After Graduating, he enrolled in the United States Marine Corps and was honorably discharged after serving 4 years
Taking advantage of his G.I. Military Bill Benefits, James, continued his art education, enrolling in the Albert Pel's School of Art, also in NYC,
studying Commercial Art / Illustration, Paste-up & Advertising Design.

James joined ranks with the New York City Department of Correction as a NYC Correction Officer.
In that position he used his artistic ability to teach art to  incarcerated inmates on Rikers Island and  5 borough detention facilities
throughout the NYC area.

  • Brush Strokes Artist of the Year 2011 by  The
    Greater Brandon Arts Council

  • Commendation From The Tampa City Council

  • Co-Chair of the East Tampa Community
    Revitalization Partnership
& Aesthetics & Beautification  Sub-Committee
The dancer
The Church Mural
Title Church Murals
Central Avenue Mural
Title: The Dancer at the Jazz Mural
Title: Murals in a Row
Title: Jazz Mural

Thanks to the Hillsborough Arts Council
The East Tampa Community Revitalization Partnership
Aesthetics & Beautification -Sub-Committee.
Denese James, Chair
James Vann, Co-Chair
Media/Press Coverage
Title: Tribute to the Black Foot Patrol
Police Officers.