James Vann,
10 year old oil painter
"I was instantly addicted to art in a kindergarten class, There I was introduced to
finger painting. It was truly an eye opening experience that I will never forget

atching the bright colors blend as soon as they touched,
thus creating a prism effect all by itself, from a single drop of water".

In Junior High School, he was urged  to enter a student poster contest "Keep New York City Clean" and won 1st Place.
His teachers encouraged him to take the art test, required to enter the High School of Art & Design, in New York City.  

There he studied Commercial Art, Illustration, & Animation.

After Graduating, he enrolled in the United States Marine Corps and was honorably discharged after serving 4 years.
Taking advantage of his G.I. Military Benefits, James, continued his art education, enrolling in the Albert Pel's School of Art, also in NYC.
There he studied Commercial art & Illustration.

James joined ranks with the New York City Department of Correction as a NYC Correction Officer.
In that position he used his artistic ability to teach art to  incarcerated inmates on Rikers Island and
 borough detention facilities
throughout the NYC area.


  • Brush Strokes Artist of the Year 2011 by  
    The Greater Brandon Arts Council

  • Commendation From The Tampa City
    Council 2011

  • Co-Chair of the East Tampa Community
    Revitalization Partnership
       & Aesthetics & Beautification   Sub-
Committee 2011
The dancer
The Church Mural
Title Church Murals
Central Avenue Mural
Title: The Dancer at the Jazz Mural
Title: Murals in a Row
Title: Jazz Mural

The East Tampa Art Murals

Thanks to the Hillsborough Arts Council
& T
he East Tampa Community Revitalization Partnership
      & Aesthetics & Beautification
Denese James, Chair
Media/ Press Coverage
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Title: Tribute to the Black Foot Patrol
Police Officers.